The DACH+ Conference on Energy Informatics is organized by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI).

The organizer takes the careful processing and protection of your personal data very seriously. We keep data entrusted to us strictly confidential and handle them responsibly. In view of the provisions of the the Swiss new Federal Act on Data Protection (nFADP) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation, we view data protection as a topic of social relevance across Europe and as an indication of quality.

Based on the relevant data protection provisions, we hereby inform you about the data processing related to the event DACH+ Conference on Energy Informatics, this website, its purpose and your rights.

This privacy policy refers to data protection law as amended from time to time. We expressly reserve the right to make amendments or adjustments in the future. We therefore recommend that you visit this section of our website regularly to stay updated about any changes to the processing of personal data.

Processing of personal data

a) Website

When visiting the conference website, the webserver temporarily saves every access to the protocol file. The collection and processing of the respective data is necessary in order to ensure the perfect usage of the website (connection establishment), to guarantee the constant security of the system, as well as its stability, for technical administration and network infrastructure, for optimizing our web presence and internal statistical purposes. The IP will be used for blocking and can be statistically processed in case of external attacks on our network structure.

The following data will be stored in the form of Cookies and automatically deleted after 30 days:

  • IP of the requesting computer
  • date and time of the request / access
  • name and URL of the requested file
  • website through which the access has been processed

b) As keynote speaker / author of scientific paper / speaker / reviewer / chair / program committee member

If you want to submit a scientific paper to be considered for publication at the conference or would like to act as speaker, keynote speaker, reviewer, program committee member or chair, the following personal data is required for purposes of consideration, administration and event facilitation:

  • Surname, name, degree
  • Photo
  • Profession
  • Employer / Company
  • Contact data
  • presentation, key note, work or review

The respective data will be collected via EasyChair Platform. Subsequently, the data protection regulations and terms of usage of Easychair Ltd have to be considered as valid and are hereby explicitly referred to ( ).

  • to ensure an identity check of participants submitting a (scientific) paper for the conference
  • to handle the review process and transmit the paper to a reviewer for a double-blind examination
  • for contact purposes with speakers and authors regarding the declination or acceptance of the scientific publication after review
  • to facilitate the concept and planning of all conference sessions with the various stakeholders (chair/programme chair)
  • for publication of all conference chair members (name, surname and name of the respective faculty/employer) on the conference website
  • for publication of all program committee and conference chair members (name, surname and name of the respective faculty/employer) on the conference website
  • for publication of all speakers and authors to present their work in course of the conference program with the title of their respective papers and/or talks (name, surname and name of the respective faculty/employer) in the program and on the conference website
  • for contact purposes upon request and with regard to (de)registrations (workshops)
  • for the facilitation of the free publication of scientific tractates presented during the conference through the respective author, based on a separate contract to be arranged between author and publishing company (to be named in the further process)

It is explicitly noted that the presented slides shall be provided by all speakers without further monetary compensation for publication, e.g. on the conference website, which means that any presenter explicitly approves this practice through participation.

  • Deriving from the business relationship thus entered the personal data (name and contact details) will be further used for contact purposes, esp. regarding the invitation to a follow-up conference. You can sign out from any such marketing related information by contacting the event organizer (esp. via e-mail to

We explicitly indicate that EasyChair Ltd is a company registered in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, that depending on the negotiations on its exit from the European Union may be regarded as unsafe third country regarding data transfer and data processing. By participating and/or submission of a paper via EasyChair Platform you accept the transfer and processing of your respective personal data by this company in the UK under beforementioned conditions. The data processing is necessary for the purposes of paper administration and its review procedure in the context of the pre-/contractual relationship entered therewith. If you do not agree with these conditions please do not enter any personal data or participation.

c) As registered participant

When registering for the conference via the conference webshop, the following data will be processed:

  • Surname, name
  • Profession
  • Employer / Company
  • Contact data
  • Payment and credit card data (in case payment will be done via credit card): The organizers do not store any accounting details but only the method of payment, e.g. credit card, paypal, eps. The accounting details are stored directly at the payment service provider Eventbrite, and will only be used by them for the designated billing purposes (more information).

The collection of previously mentioned data will be conducted and viewed as indispensable for

  • contract processing, i.e. especially concerning the acquisition of the tickets and the facilitation of the event participation
  • for accounting purposes
  • accuracy check and
  • for contact purposes.

Deriving from the business relationship thus entered the personal data (name and contact details) will be further used for marketing purposes, esp. regarding the invitation to a follow-up conference. You can sign out from any such marketing related information by contacting the event organizer (esp via e-mail to

d) As partner/sponsors/exhibitors

If you are partner, sponsor or exhibitor, the following data will be processed:

  • Surname, name, degree
  • Employer / Company
  • Contact data
  • Company logo
  • Data and documents related to the conference
  • Data and documents for payment incl. bank details

The collection of previously mentioned data will be conducted and viewed as indispensable for

  • contact purposes with partner, sponsors and exhibitors with regard to organizational and payment related aspects (mailing of different sponsor packages, coordination of deadlines, mailing of ticket promotional codes as part of the cooperation agreement etc.)
  • publication of all partner, sponsors and exhibitors with their company logo and, where appropriate, name, surname and name of the respective faculty/employer in the conference program and on the conference website
  • necessary contact purposes with regard to further enquiry and to execute the sponsoring or conference respectively.
  • Due to the emerging business relationship we will process your name and contact data for contact purposes with regard to the announcement of further conferences and events, especially follow-up conferences of SUPSI. You can revoke this by contacting the event organizer (especially via e-mail to

e) Photos and videos of the conference

Please be aware that as the responsible organizer of the event, SUPSI will take photos and make videos in the course of the conference (incl. audio tracks) in its prevailing interests of documentation and publication of the event and its contents.

Through participating in the event, this is acknowledged and organizors are authorized to use the above mentioned photos and video footage (incl. audio tracks) without monetary compensation and without any kind of local, temporal and content related restrictions to

  • Publish and distribute on the public website and social media channels of SUPSI and of the energy informatics event website;
  • for internal purposes and for PR and marketing purposes, including film screenings in the context of in-house or public events and trade fairs, as well as on the Internet, intranet or in internal and external communication systems.
  • Distribution of photos and videos incl. sound in press releases.

This includes the right of reproduction, publication, distribution, performance, presentation, processing and transfer to third parties for the purposes stated above.

The right to transcribe the aforementioned video, image and / or sound recordings as well as the works and results resulting from the filming and editing of the video, visual and / or audio material (including the right of translation transferred or synchronization in other languages) shall also be expressly given as well as the right to combine them in whole or in part with other third works.

For the purposes of editing and publication, this data may also be processed by service providers for the creation and processing of images.

f) Contact by email, post, telephone or fax

In case of contact with us, the data you disclose to us (name, personal data, contact data, any information of your specific request and any technical transmission data) will be processed to handle your request and a response. Any data collected in that context will be deleted once the purpose for which they were processed no longer applies, insofar as there is no other reason for storage on the grounds of a contractual relationship, statutory obligations or overriding legitimate interests of SUPSI.

If data processing is continued, we will strive to restrict it to the minimum degree necessary and only to store the data for the strictly required period. In the case of further data entries (in particular, i.e when applying for event), you will be notified separately and/or as stated above of the applicable data processing.

Should you wish to contact us or our staff by email, please note that the confidentiality of the information you send cannot be guaranteed. Due to the technical nature of email, the content of email may be accessed by third parties, unless specific technical security measures are taken.

g) Links to social media

Our website provides links to social networks. When using these services, please refer to the respective use of your personal data for the respective privacy policy of the service you have selected.

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Twitter International Company, The Academy, 42 Pearse Street, Dublin 2, Ireland,

Instagram LLC, 1601 Willow Rd, Menlo Park CA 94025 USA,

YouTube LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno CA 94066 USA,

LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company, Wilton Place, Dublin 2, Irland,

XING SE, Dammtorstraße 30, 20354 Hamburg, Deutschland, Tel.: +49 40 419 131-0, Fax: +49 40 419 131-11, E-Mail:,

h) General terms and archiving

The participation at the event or any interaction with the organizer is voluntary; no obligation for participation including the above-mentioned data processing exists, so that this can be avoided without any disadvantages. However, due to organizational reasons in this case no participation in the event is possible.

We take all necessary and reasonable technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal data from loss and misuse. Your data is stored in a secure, state-of-the-art operating environment.

Access to our websites is also available secured via https if your browser supports TLS. This means that the communication between your device and our servers is encrypted.

The security and data protection measures regarding the personal data you have entered via Eventbrite webshop can be found in the privacy policy of their website .

In accordance with GDPR and the new Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (nFADP), we are committed to the responsible handling of personal data related to the participation and/or registration for the event, as well as any inquiries received. This data will be retained for a period of three years following the conclusion of the event or the final response to the inquiry. This retention period aligns with the nFADP principles of data minimization and purpose limitation, ensuring that personal data is kept no longer than necessary for the purposes for which it is processed.

For accounting purposes, personal data such as names, contact details, and payment information will be retained in a compliant and organized manner. In adherence to the principles of the nFADP, this data will be stored only for the duration required by Swiss legal and regulatory requirements for financial record-keeping. We assure the transparency and lawful processing of all personal data in our possession, ensuring that processing activities strictly adhere to the principles of the nFADP, including respecting the privacy and protection of personal data, and upholding the rights of data subjects as outlined in the Act. All data processing practices will be regularly reviewed for compliance with the nFADP, ensuring ongoing adherence to Swiss data protection laws and the safeguarding of personal information.

Authors are explicitly made aware of the intended open access publication of their work in the ACM “Energy Informatics Review” ( and its unlimited archiving.

Rights of data subjects

The above described processing of personal data, insofar as it lies beyond the fulfilment of statutory provisions, contractual relationship or the prevailing legitimate interests of the organizers, may be revoked at any time by addressing the contact specified below. Any revocation has no influence on the lawfulness of the data processing that has taken place to date. Likewise, any objection may be raised with this contact as well as the rights to access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing and transfer of the personal data.